Wondering Why I am Here?

   Hey everyone

My name is Areeba and I’m from New Delhi, the capital of India, a very rich and diverse nation.I was just browsing through some stuff on internet, when out of the blue the idea of starting my very own blog struck me. Now, I know blogs have been around for a long time and this isn’t something extraordinary for me to have done. But although I love writing, having written short stories, poems and currently working on two novels, the idea of starting my very own blog never really enticed me. Maybe it was due to my busy schedule as pursuing a professional course does seem to take up most of your time. Even when you’re free, you’re too exhausted to do anything.

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Now that I have free time on my hands, I’ll be here, posting weekly about different topics, ranging from books, creative writing, nature, or life in general. I’ll be glad to share my views with you all and look forward to hear some of yours. I’ll be posting again tomorrow on a topic I have been thinking on for quite some time… but for now I gotta go..

Food for thought : Life is beautiful. No matter how hard or sad it may seem at times… it is worth living each and every moment. Think about it, your struggles are what make you stronger and wiser…. not your joys and smooth rides

16 thoughts on “Wondering Why I am Here?

  1. New Delhi!?
    That’s awesome! Definitely looking forward to reading more of your posts. Being completely honest, visiting India is one of my life goals so you bet I am going to be keepimg up with you to read more about your point of view.

    And if you get a chance check me out, I’ll provide a point of view from Mexico. https://julyh19.wordpress.com/

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