Pleasures of Paper

The first thing that came to my mind to write and share with you here was ironically about papers. I say ironically because I’m not using paper write now to share my thoughts.Paper- what’s there to write about it, what’s new to write about it, some may wonder. Well, maybe nothing new at all, or there may be something new, something which you haven’t ever really given a thought to. Whatever the case may be, one thing is for sure, a lot can be written about paper if a person sits down to write it.

This article isn’t about the history of paper or its types, we all are well aware of that I’m sure. I’m writing about its sentimental side and how it has decreased over time.

One of my favourite smells in this world is the smell of paper…the aroma that reaches me upon entering a library or when I’m reading an old novel whose pages have yellowed and become crispy with age… aah.. it is such a delight. Ohh how wonderful a new book smells. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way. But nowadays the type of books have changed. Paper books have transformed into ebooks which doesn’t smell, until and unless you have dropped something on your device that has made it smelly. *Winks*
The feel of paper between our fingers, the joy of turning a new page, or in case of suspense amd horror, the apprehension and fear of turning the page. But alas,on electronic device, the only feeling that our fingers feel are pain.
The art of letter writing has also become extinct. I don’t know anyone who writes or would write a letter anymore. Even emails are no longer used the way letters were used. How it used to feel to wait for the reply of a letter, the excitement at seeing the postman, making a beautiful scrapbook to keep these memories safe.. All these don’t exist anymore. These are the times of instant messages and video callings. They do have advantages but they seem to have taken away the source of income of postmen.

There are certain advantages of electronic devices over  paper of course. The most important being that no trees are cut down to make paper. Another one is that obviously they are more time saving as real time conversations take place.
Having said that, I still feel there is nothing like paper and pen. Ideas flow more freely and quickly, at least for me, while I’m with a pen and paper then typing on keyboard. The saying “Pen is mightier than sword”needs to be changed I guess with a more suitable one. As pens are used less than keyboards. Also, swords, are they really used anymore too ! So maybe, it’s time for a new urban saying, a change.

Food for thought: How many times have any of us really appreciated the life we have. We always want more, we are always in a never ending race to win and reach the top. But have we really ever appreciated the journey to the top, enjoyed the view on the journey, thanked the Almighty for what have we have rather than complain about what we don’t have. Take a moment to appreciate.

3 thoughts on “Pleasures of Paper

  1. The physical presence of a book has a profound emotional impact on me as well. I don’t think an eBook could ever recreate that blissful feeling of a razor-thin page between your thumb and forefinger.
    Happy writing!

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