Take A Pledge

Look up and look beyond
The screens of which you’re so fond, Don’t you realize you have become a slave
You can’t take these to your graves

Look around you … there is so much beauty .. revel in it

Put down phones, shut down laptops Breathe fresh air, climb hilltops.
You keep texting a friend
Who lives next block to you,
Enough with emoticons
put real emotions through.
“Family is so nice!” you say
When there is no Wi-Fi,
Up until then you live
in a world so high.

Backwaters of Kerala, India

Grand mères and grand pères
Exist only for money
In real life we make faces
To whom on text we say honey
On Facebook and Twitter
We like, follow, fan
But off-screen we become creatures Unworthy of being called man
Oceans, beaches and forests
Are made wallpapers on these screens But in actual we’re blind
to the nature oh so pristine!
So take a pledge take a vow
Stop screen gazing and live right now.

A shot of Areeba, living right now…in the rain… out of the screens..

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