A cry from the waste bin
Pierced the night sky.
It was hunger and neglect
It was humanity which had died.
Thrown in the trash
Just ’cause she had XX chromosomes.
Behind masked faces on earth
Everywhere the devil roamed.


In a nearby house,
A man was weeping.
“O mother O mother ”
Were the words he was speaking.
A body lay on ground
Covered by a shroud.
He mourned his mother
While in trash lay another.

As he drowned in his own sorrow
The black night turned
Into a bright morrow.
He left his home
For the burial.
The babe in the bin
Was still hysterical.

He heard her wail
Where all humanity had failed.
Seeing her there he wondered
The sight made him ponder
What if his own mother
Had encountered the same fate.

6 thoughts on “WAKE UP !!!

    1. You can check my Wattpad account for that (StargaryenPhoenix)… Wattpad is a platform for showcasing one’s writing skills to an international audience without the cost of publishing.. although as soon as I’ll complete my novel, I’ll look for publishing it..

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