Who Is Really Deprived ? | Daily Prompt

What is deprivation  really ? Is it merely the lack of certain things or services that affect a human. Or is there another aspect to it ?

According  to the Oxford Dictionary deprivation is the damaging lack of material benefits considered to be basic necessities in a society.

It is very sad and frustrating indeed when one thinks about  all  those people all around the world who are deprived of the basic necessities of food water clothing and shelter.

But are they the only ones who are deprived? Now, I’m  not beong insensitive to such people, not at all. I’m  only trying to point those things here which these ‘deprived’ people have that we privileged  ones don’t.

Looking at the bigger picture here, we all are ultimately  after the same thing here- happiness and peace . But we, the privileged ones, are the ones who lack these the most. In our  race to outdo one another, accumulating wealth and becoming increasingly materialistic, we have forgotten the real joys of life.

The joy that is felt by dancing in the rain, playing football in the mud during heavy rains, the first smell of the spring  season, playing with little kids, making toys out of the most simplest things getting a pet and taking out time to actually play with it… the list  can go on. Have we really, truly ever felt these joys recently. When was the last time  we drifted off into  a peaceful sleep as soon as getting into bed.? The little joys of labor instead of complaining and wining about the things we couldn’t get.

“Deprivations is for me what daffodils were for Wordsworth.”

-Philip Larkin

So are we really the privileged ones? Or we the ones who are actually deprived of these joys of life?  As Philip Larkin, a poet rightly pointed out, deprivation isn’t always bad. Its only a matter of what we call deprivation, which things in life we give priority to and what reslly does matter in the end.

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