Some memories are there

which don’t let me sleep

from twilight to dawn

I silently weep.

When it all ended

a part of me died

the pain is just too much

there was so much that he lied.

Can’t feel love can’t feel joy

this pain is frozen inside me

my heart is locked forever

he has thrown away the key.

Can’t get out from the past

I have become a wraith

can’t trust anyone now

I have lost all my faith.

There is no point in living

Oh my heart! how it bleeds

the ache keeps lingering in my heart

he has sown so many seeds.

My heart is dead along with my soul

wish I could totally die

I’m tired of all these pretences

just wanna do nothing else but cry.

I loved him irrevocably

with eternal sleep I’l b free.

11 thoughts on “INCONSOLABLE

    1. Assalamualaikum
      I’m feeling so blessed right now thst someone noticed my absence… Someone I had a very brief contact eithand have never met… Thank you dearest sister ! I was way too busy with studies and other matters took over my time.. but now I’m back from my hiatus and will be posting regularly​ insha’allah 😊
      Jazakallahu khairan once again !


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