I wrote this poem in reply to another poem by my best friend. For some reason we’ll not be in touch with each other for some time like we used to be. Things will change and I’m really sensitive to change. So he was worried about how will I cope. This was to assure him that I’ll be just fine. 

I know dear​ friend

how worried you are,

I have but a small boat

and destination’s afar,

when you aren’t here

that I may always smile

think about myself first

but that’s just not my style.

You ask me what

arrangements have I made

for there are rough skies to cross

and stormy waters to wade.

Don’t worry dear friend

for I’ll always have you

to protect me and to guide

when I won’t have a clue.

Your memories around me

they will be my life jacket

a phone call, an occasional

meeting, my surprise packet.

Your values and philosophy

will be my guiding star

when negativity will attack

with your stories, I’ll spar.

I’ll quench my thirst

by all our memories of tea,

they are equal to five oceans

and a thousand sea.

Hungry when I’ll be

I’ll eat​ my anger

when mood will swing you see

I’ll put right there my anchor.

So my dear friend, my love

please do not worry

I’ll stay happy, I’ll stay safe

I’ll be patient and not hurry.


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