QUALMS |Daily Prompt

via Daily Prompt: Qualm

As I lay in bed tonight

I think about the wrongs

And what all I did right

Should I have shouted at mom

Fought with Dad, dropped that bomb.

Where is my life taking me ! 

The things I dreamt today

From that fear, can I ever be free ! 

I’m so short tempered, oh why

I fight I get jealous, and then I cry

And after a while, when I’ve calmed down

My hearts sinks and with sweaty palms

I start having attacks of qualms.

The guilt, the anxiety, the fear

It all weighs down on me

The feeling of unease of what if

My actions will force him to flee. 

I’m qaulmsy, I’m clumsy,

At times I feel a lil numb-sy.

But all this is what life is

Just gotta skate, evading thin ices. 

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