Mirror Painting for Beginners

      Hello there everyone… how have you all been? Sorry I have been away these past few days. But now I’m here..with another craft idea..specially for beginners.In this post, I’ll be discussing how to paint on mirror or glass with detailed steps. Contrary to what it looks, mirror painting isn’t difficult, just a few things must be taken care of while doing it.

     First and foremost, you should have a clear idea of what you want. You should have a design ready either in your mind( if you’re one those geniuses who’re very artistic and creative) or there are also hundreds of ideas available on the internet. Having a clear idea of what you want will help you choose the correct mirror/glass. But if you choose a mirror/glass first and then try to select the idea that will go with it, it will be tricky and cost you a lot of frustration and time.Trust me, I know…this is exactly what happened with me. I acquired the mirror first and then spent weeks trying to choose the perfect design for it( as I said before, I’m a perfectionist in certain matters). Like I always say, you just need the right eye to see and you can do wonders. You don’t necessarily have to type in ‘ideas for mirror/glass painting’ or ‘mirror/glass painting’. You can use any pattern, any design, just about anything that you see and like, it maybe a pattern on your wallpaper or your bedsheet, it may be a print on your t-shirt..it may be anything. 

You can choose only an intricate border design to be used as a mirror or a full fledged design to be used as a stained glass window or framed painting. Choice is yours.

You just the need the right eye and vision to see. 


Material Required:

  • A mirror or a glass of your choice (it should be compatible with the design you have chosen) 
  • A print out of the design you want, or if you have one in your mind then it must be drawn on an a paper beforehand.
  • A carbon paper
  • Glass colors of your choice
  • A black glass liner
  • A rough cloth
  • A sketch pen, pencil or marker (even an old one will do whose ink has dried) 
  • A pin of any kind- safety pin, pearl pin, all purpose pins or T-pins.
  • Old used newspapers.
  • Cello tape/Clear tape(optional)



Step 1:

Have a clear mirror


Place some old newspapers on your workbench an then carefully place the mirror on it. Take some crunched newspapers(preferably glossy) and clean the surface of your mirror with it until there are no fingerprints or any other smudges left. 

Step 2:

Trace your design on the mirror

Once you’ve cleaned your mirror, place the carbon paper on top of it and your design on top of the carbon paper. Secure it with the help of tape if you’re afraid that the two papers might move while you’re tracing and spoil your work by either creating gaps or overlapping.

Once you have secured the two sheets, take a pencil(blunt, not sharp) or marker and trace your design. When you have finished, make sure that you haven’t missed anywhere and then remove the two papers. You’ll see that your design has been imprinted on the mirror.

For my mirror, I have used the shape of a tree and added some bushes on the lower part.

Step 3:

Use the black liner on the outlines and fill in the colors wherever required


When you’ve completely traced/drawn your design, outline it with the help of the black liner. Now there are a range of liners available in the market, various colors of various brands but the I found the black one to be with the most beautiful effect. It can be used almost on every design whereas gold and silver ones have very limited use. Also these liners are available as both a single product as well along wit glass colors. As for the brand, I have used Pidilite’s Hobby Ideas. You’re free to use any brand you want that is available near you. 

I have filled in the trunk and outlined the branches with liner instead of using the black because I wanted these parts to stand out. Also it was possible to give a rough bark-like texture to the tree trunk with the liner which would have been impossible otherwise.

Tip: If, by chance you make a mistake with liner, you can quickly rub it off with the help of a rough cloth. But be careful while doing so. You don’t want to rub off too much and then re-do the part all over again.

Step 4:

Start coloring

Once you’re done with outlining, start coloring. I didn’t wanted a regular tree. I wanted something more vibrant and non-traditional so I used  almost all the colors I could find to color the leafy portion of the tree.  As for the bushes, I used lighter and darker shades of green.

Use the colors directly from the bottles. You can also mix two or more colors. There are two techniques for it and both have different effects.

Technique 1: In a spare bottle, take some portions of the colors you want mixed in the right proportions. For example if you want reddish yellow, you’ll mix more red into less yellow. You must be well acquainted with the color wheel for this.( Gives me an idea about doing a post on color wheel, although I’m still indecisive about it..Too many ideas, not enough time..ufff) Once you’ve mixed the colors, use it on your mirror. You’ll get a smooth flow of an entirely new color.

Technique 2:  First apply one color on the intended area and then the other one mixed into it…blending it right there on the mirror itself. This will give you not a new color but various hues, tints and shades of the same colors.

I have used the second technique in some places here.

Painting Complete

Tip: You’ll notice that if you’re not careful enough( and most of the times it can’t be avoided if you have larger surface) bubbles may start to occur when you’re coloring on the mirror. Pop all these bubbles gently with the help of a pin. Do remember that you are working with a mirror and scratches can appear on it if you’re too hasty or use the  pin very strongly. Also, to avoid formation of any bubbles, choose a design or modify it so that you have to color in small spaces rather than vast ones.

Step 5:

Finished Product

When you’ve completed coloring, do as you want with it. Have it framed and be used it as a mirror or a painting, have it placed in your window as a stained glass.

I had it framed and hung it on my bedroom wall.

See wasn’t it quite easy.. and didn’t take  too much time either.

Give it a try and let me know how it went. I’d love to hear from you.

Till next time… take care.. Keep crafting.

2 thoughts on “Mirror Painting for Beginners

    1. Thank you.. no it’s not stupid at all.. actually it’s always wise to clear up doubts bravely than live with them.. the process of both are the same.. both mirror and stained glass are painted in the same way.. only differences are in designs.. mirrors may have a border only design while stained glass are usually painted on the whole surface.. and of course glass used mirror is made opaque while the ones used in windows are transparent.. 😊

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